Dare to open your heart and face the fear of being hurt by love again. The association of love with loss runs deep, and the only way it can be healed is through open communication, patience, open-heartedness, and forgiveness.
The Borgens family is experiencing an intense year of healing through relationships. Each has to allow the past to be let go of and forgiven, and dare to take the risk of letting love fully back into awareness.
Bill is an acclaimed writer who experiences writing as something that happens through him when his heart and mind are open. He encourages his teenage son and daughter to do the same, understanding that writing comes from the experience of fully embracing life, and all that it entails. For the most part, their relationships are based on direct and open communication, and the extent to which they can keep the channels open, is the extent to which love can flow freely amongst them and through them. Bill is holding on to the past and refuses to accept that the form of a relationship is over, and the daughter pushes love away and refuses to allow a new relationship to come in. The son is called to show up and step up into his worthiness while the mother is taking the steps of letting go of family roles and expectations to discover where she is truly called to be. It all goes in the direction of allowing the past to be retranslated and seen anew. Love is an open invitation, given and received in the moment. Love has no expectations, no demands, and no time limits.

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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