Commander Sisko, the main character in this masterful Star Trek episode, starts off with a grievance against Captain Picard. In the previous episode, Captain Picard’s mind and body had been taken over and absorbed by another race. He had then ordered an attack on Sisko’s ship in which Sisko’s wife, Jennifer, was killed. In this episode, Picard has returned to his mind and to his job as overall commander of the Starfleet. Sisko comes to Picard to receive an important new assignment, but he is clearly angry at Picard. He is holding a grievance.

Grievances go beyond the person, beyond the specific personal memory. We have a memory problem. The mind recalls the past; it wants something of the past, of time and space, to be real. As long as it wants something in time and space to be real, it calls forth scenarios. The mind continues bringing up the past relentlessly. The ego tries to deny and repress the negative ones, and to hold on to and keep the positive ones. Only when you finally integrate them and see that they are all the same, do you have a real breakthrough, a real healing.

The race of people that Sisko is sent to help have a glowing green orb that symbolizes the Light. The Light uses various characters to show Sisko that it’s impossible to put any value on something that is absolutely valueless. It lets him experience scenes from the past until he realizes that none of them had any reality. Thus, he is able to forgive and release them.

All of linear time, this entire cosmos, is just a dream of hypotheticals that have no meaning. We could say you exist in all of them. To heal, repressed memories have to be brought up to the light and seen for the nothingness that they are. You can then transfer this realization of nothingness to any grievance and see it totally transformed. The only real opportunity in linear time is to wake up to your eternal nature which is perfect abstract Love and Eternal light.

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