Walt Disney was impelled to extend an invitation to Pamela Travers, author of "Mary Poppins," to collaborate with him on making a movie out of her book. She steadfastly refused, but he continued to invite her every year for twenty years. And then finally, with great reluctance, she accepts the invitation.
This is a perfect example of how the curriculum of forgiveness is set. The time one takes to accept the help seems to be the only choice. Forgiveness is inevitable.
Walt Disney is a miracle worker. He has devoted his life to making movies that open the heart to love. Much like Helen Schumann’s experience of starting to scribe "A Course in Miracles," Mrs. Travers’ resistance and defenses are intense when required to work with Disney’s scriptwriters. It takes a team of dedicated angels who are willing to join and collaborate with Pamela in patience and kindness that develops her trust, allowing her to open to forgiveness.
Pamela and Walt have a parallel healing experience; Walt recognizes that Pamela is suffering from the same pain he has felt. They both have deep forgiveness issues with their fathers. Walt knows that until the past is truly forgiven and released from the mind, every day is a reminder of the pain.
Walt is a true mighty companion when he flies halfway around the world and shows up at Pamela’s house, unannounced at midnight for a direct talk about what is really going on beneath all of the surface projection and grievances. His purpose is far beyond making movies. He is a true friend, being used by Holy Spirit, to answer the call for love.
This world is an illusion, and without the context of awakening, isolation and death can seem to be the only way out. All of the roles of this world were set up by the ego, and each one was destined to fail. How good is a good enough father? Or daughter? Memories haunt the mind, and projection of wrongness onto others is used as a defense against facing a deeper hurt buried inside the mind.
Beyond the ego’s purpose for this world, there is a deep love available. Only forgiveness can bring this gentle light of innocence back to awareness.

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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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