This world is about getting something for nothing. We always look to maximize the gain with a minimal payout. The Spirit’s way is different. It is about giving all to all. In order to reverse the world’s direction, one must be convinced that there is another way.
Michael Jennings is going after the big paycheck that will secure his future by giving up time now. His plan fails. He sees that the more he invests in the future the more the future is like the past, full of greed, corruption, and death. A holy relationship is given him to see the emptiness of this frivolity.
While seemingly committed to undertaking what he has started (an unholy alliance with time and concern for the future), he learns that there is a way out—a way that he himself set up before time began. In an attempt to break free from the cycle of reciprocity he must follow the clues and use the means given to him by the Spirit (his True Self). He sees that the script is written and that he cannot get it wrong. As he flows along there is a temptation to see into the future again, but this is just a distraction. He must go to the source and shut it down so that he can be present.
The ego has no chance in a mind that has no self-interest. Michael is freed from the cycle of death; all that he thought was lost was returned to him without the burden of trying to get.

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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