Jim Preston faces his beliefs in separation and loneliness after waking up alone on a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony while the other passengers remain asleep. After months of inner turmoil he decides to wake up another passenger, Aurora, but because of the guilt he feels about this, decides not to tell her what he has done.

For a while the two play out the honeymoon phase of a special love relationship until Aurora discovers Jim's guilty secret. It is at this point that a deep healing opportunity is available. The temptation to think that we have been unfairly treated is a core belief in the mind and, in this movie, Aurora must decide if she will forgive Jim for waking her up 90 years too early. The beliefs in victimization and unfair treatment run deep in the human psyche, and it is through the recognition that they are coming from attack thoughts in the mind that allows them to be released.

Another major theme in this movie is the obsession with sleep. Both Jim and Aurora feel enraged at having been “awakened.” This parallels the deep desire in most humans to remain asleep and the strong resistance to waking up. The world places far more value on sleeping than it does on waking up to our true reality. In fact, waking, as depicted by the characters in this movie, is seen as an intrusion on "life."

In truth, we can never be deprived of anything because God's gifts to us are eternal and so are always available now. As we loosen from our investment in what we think "life" is and what we think will bring us happiness, we discover that true forgiveness is the only concept that has any value.

There is no loss or sacrifice in following the Spirit and awakening to the truth. When we happily and willingly let go of our plans for the future and embrace the Spirit's plan, we discover that everything we ever wanted is available in our present joining. No one loses in the Spirit's plan. On the contrary, everyone is blessed.

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