This movie helps us get in touch with the power of the mind and how real the experiences in this world can seem to be, even though they are all mental hallucinations.
Ren, the movie's central character, is a computer programmer who develops coding that she is able to put into eye drops. These eye drops interact with the subconscious mind producing experiences that seem very real. Ren has no desire to use this new research for power or financial gain. Her motive is to reestablish a connection with and to help her brother who is in a coma.
The sole purpose of this virtual world is to rediscover our true connection with God and to realize that we are really one Self. Any other purpose will only bind us to this world and delay our awareness of Heaven.
Ren must collaborate with mighty companions in order to expose any private thoughts and clearly look at the purpose of what OtherLife is being used for. By undergoing solitary confinement through scripted virtual memories, Ren is given an opportunity to question beliefs in the mind and to reach the state where she sees that she's the dreamer of the dream.
Discernment is needed on the path of awakening. The difference between the Holy Spirit and ego motives can be discerned through the application of the right use of judgment, which is how one feels. By using the power of the mind, Ren sees the unreality of what she is experiencing and collapses time to awaken from the dream.
By using memory for the purpose of remembering the present moment, the realization that nothing ever happened comes into awareness. Grievances and upsets were only unreal effects of not seeing that perception is past, and the past is gone. Reality remains a constant state and is untouched by dreams. Atonement is seeing that the separation never occurred, and it is here where divine innocence is experienced.

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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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