Homer is uninspired at the prospect of becoming a miner like most other men in the small town of Coalwood, W.V. His father, an experienced mining supervisor, is also seen as the town hero. He wants Homer to follow his footsteps down into the mines.

But when Homer witnesses the Russian Sputnik flashing across the October sky, a light goes on in his mind. The Sputnik becomes a symbol for him of the desire for something else besides a life of sacrifice, drudgery, and darkness down below the earth's surface. He is instantly ignited with a deep sense of purpose to build rockets in order to escape Coalwood.

The Holy Spirit can use what the ego made. What began as simply a means to an end, to leave Coalwood, becomes an end in itself. He loves building rockets. His passion soon inspires others to join him. He receives help in unexpected ways from his teacher, friends, and even workers at the coal mine. Homer's new path puts him in direct conflict with his father, who does not give Homer any support or encouragement for wanting something beyond life as a miner.

But when we stay true to our heart and stop compromising in our lives, healing for us and those around us is certain. Enjoy the transformation that occurs in this father/son relationship and the healing and inspiration that ripples throughout the whole town and beyond.

This movie has many wonderful themes, none more so than the reminder that we are here to listen deeply to our inner voice and have the courage to follow its guidance. Though obstacles and doubt thoughts will arise on the journey, these are a necessary part of our healing and each will simply melt away as we hold true to the deep calling of our heart.

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