When one starts to allow his emotions, perceptions, and beliefs up into awareness to be questioned and forgiven in order to accept the love that is given in every moment, even the toughest nut can be cracked open and grow into a beautiful, large tree in harmony with its surroundings. One can then start to recognize the true loving Self behind all these emotions, perceptions, and beliefs. 

The movie “Maudie,” starring Ethan Hawke and Sally Hawkins, is a perfect example of the deep healing in mind through relationships in which the resistance to the awareness of love's presence can be raised up and released. Healing through relationships is what the teachings of “A Course and Miracles” point to as the fastest way to unwind the mind from whom one thinks himself and the world to be other than pure Love and Light. This movie shows us one’s journey when there is a deep prayer for the heart to open up and to let love in.
Enjoy this review!

The story starts off with a seeming “misfortunate” event where Maudie’s brother tells her he has sold their house. As Maudie is partly physically disabled, he thinks she isn’t capable of taking care of herself any longer, and doesn’t want to take on the caretaking himself. Instead, he decides for her to go live with her aunt, who only agreed to take care of her for a fee. As the story starts to unravel, it becomes clear that this seeming “misfortunate” event was Maudie’s greatest gift. Once again, we are being shown that no event happens without a reason, and that everything is part of the Divine orchestration of One Who truly Knows our highest good. Maudie reaches a point of great determination, convinced she can live on her own and take on a job. When she gets hired by the fisherman, Lewis, who is looking for a permanent housemaid, she doesn’t think twice and packs her bags to move in with him. 

Lewis lives in a tiny, little house with only two rooms; a bedroom and a kitchen/living room. Even though Maudie has to sleep in the same bed with a man she barely knows and barely has room for herself in this little house, she doesn’t let it scare her away. Maudie is a vigilant beam of sunlight, willing to face anything as long as she can keep doing what she loves most; painting. 
Her paintings are very playful and full of color, spirit, and light, and with every painting Sally creates, even the closed-off, bitter, and aggressive Lewis starts softening up and letting down his guard in witnessing to the love and joy Sally carries with her. The house slowly fills up with paintings, both inside and out which is a beautiful symbol of the color and light that has entered into their hearts since they met each other and why I am so inspired to write this review of "Maudie."
Sally’s appearance into Lewis’s life brings about a big unwinding for him. He has never seen this kind of passion for life before and is now getting a taste of it himself, probably for the first time in his life. It takes him a while to loosen up but she becomes his rock and he learns to give and to love someone with all his heart. After a while, instead of Maudie being Lewis’s housemaid, Lewis gets into full service, supporting Maudie in her passion and her painting career. 
She entered his life with the brightness of the sun at dawn, beaming away the darkness of night time, and just like it always takes some time for one's eyes to adjust to the bright light when waking from a deep sleep, once adjusted, one can see clearly again. 

Lewis took care of Maudie for the rest of her life and made sure she had everything she needed. Maudie really learned to listen to her heart and to follow only that still little voice within, despite any aggression and disapproval coming her way from her family and Lewis. She started seeing they were all simply reflecting her own doubt-thoughts about herself and stopped paying attention to them. She had a deep knowing within that she had to move away from her family and as soon as the opportunity came along she went for it %100 and stayed with this decision through any arising fears and doubts. She learned to speak up in a non-compromising way, and at the same time was a very gentle and loving presence for Lewis, like a flower in the fields of a warzone. 

Maudie came to know that she is perfect and worthy of love and of living a full and happy life just the way she is. 


The themes of this movie are unconditional love, following your true inspiration, non-compromise, letting the rage come up, and healing through relationships. 

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To watch clips and movies and read more reviews with deep profound teachings (like this Maudie review) go to mwge.org.


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