True love is the result of forgiveness. Who you are is perfect Innocence, now and forever. Nothing you can do could ever change eternal love.
Maleficent’s childhood life as a fairy is wonderful. She can fly with amazing wings; she has healing powers; she is strong and swift. She lives by and enforces rules of fairness and justice within her kingdom. However, when fully grown, Maleficent becomes a powerful protector of the marsh, quick to use her abilities, including her wings, to attack on behalf of her kingdom. As her power grows, the ego seems to turn from suspicious to vicious, and it launches its attack on her, in the form of an army of men. In an act of betrayal, Maleficent’s wings are cut off, and she is filled with anger, hatred, and the desire for vengeance. Her projection of self-hatred is going onto all humans.
Humans are not the ego, and neither is Maleficent. The characters are just a target for projection. In one of Maleficent’s lowest moments, her betrayer witnesses to the core of her doubt thoughts: What is it like to be where you do not belong, a fairy without her wings? It is as if the fall from grace has happened within this world, caused by a force within this world. In truth, the fall from grace resulted in the projection of the entire world, and it is only through the acceptance of God’s love that the split in mind can be healed, and all can be forgiven.
In her rage, Maleficent puts an irreversible curse on her betrayer’s new baby daughter. No matter how hard she tries to hate baby Aurora, Maleficent is drawn to this child as a symbol of purity and innocence; as a reflection of Maleficent’s true nature. She finds herself watching over Aurora from a distance over the years.
When the moment comes for the two to meet, Aurora acknowledges Maleficent as her fairy Godmother, and exclaims with happiness, “I know who you are! Your shadow has been with me my whole life!” The vision of Christ sees only love, and in Its holy presence, shame, guilt, and the misperception of an unlovable self melt away.
There is a deep fear of miscreation, that the mind could misuse its power with irreversible effects. However, the fact is, you cannot harm the Christ, and truth cannot be changed by illusions. Illusions battle only with themselves, and as soon as the decision is made for innocence, the undoing of the effects of misdirected mind energy is immediate.
Beneath the innocent self-concept was a terrible displacement. The darkness beneath the face of innocence had to arise, and the extent of the self-hatred in the mind had to be raised up to the light and released. Even though Maleficent seemed to have the perfect place to grow up, it was only peaceful while “the enemy” was not in awareness.
It is time for the walls to crumble and fall, because there is no longer any need for protection or defense. There is a deep call in the mind for awakening and unification. True love is already here!

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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