This cinematic masterpiece is a story about joining together in a common purpose. It does not matter what your capabilities are in this world, the Spirit can use them all. It may seem that we head off on separate paths, but in the end we join together to recognize that the Brotherhood, or Christ mind, could never lose. The ring of form is cast back to where it was forged and freedom is remembered. We all played our parts perfectly. Only when we give up separate interests and ignore the temptation of false power can we accomplish our goal. It may seem to take the path of a long journey, but all things work together for good. Gollum is seen to play his part perfectly when judgment is removed. Gandalf demonstrates there is no death. Aragorn reminds us that our true inheritance can be remembered and that we are worthy. Legolas demonstrates loyalty and singleness of purpose. The hobbits remind us we are never to take anything seriously. There is always a miracle waiting for us when we accept our function.

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Ana Urrejola


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