While the greater part of this movie is a mind-watcher, there is a beautiful central theme of letting go of the past. The main character, Joe is stuck in the loop of time. He tries to bend the rules of his seeming personal world to escape the already known outcome of his death. But in order to truly escape death, he eventually has to see that death is the idea of time.

Joe’s job is to kill people that are sent back in time by the mob. His commitment to murder—which until now he thought was his job—must be transcended. At this point in his journey, the world that he thought was his friend quickly turns into his mortal enemy, but that is not his only concern because the enemy that he is determined to destroy is his own self from thirty years in the future. His future self still has the desire of murder in his mind and is prepared to make any sacrifice necessary to fulfill his personal wish for death.

In the process of battling each other, long-time hidden feelings of unworthiness and self-hatred come to the surface. The lost unwanted child with no place to go is still present in the mind. No amount of money or seeming success can cover over that pain. By forming a relationship with Sarah and protecting her son Sid, Joe gives himself (his own inner child) a chance to see things differently by leaving the battleground and seeing that love is what takes one out of the loop of time. "I love you", is all that is needed and all that remains.


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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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