Going Beyond the False Promises of the World with the Tom Shadyac Movie, "I AM."


Journey Toward the Light to Go Deeper Inside

Why is the world like it is? What is the root of all problems? The belief that we are separate beings, apart from God, creates a perceptual problem that is the breathing ground of all conflict. Who ‘I AM’ is forgotten, and we only remember what we became.

The ego is clever at shifting the goal to many unsatisfying pursuits. Pursuits of the world that don’t satisfy but, can lead to questioning the purpose of this life and the world. What should I be doing with my time? What can I do that will fulfill me with compassion and love? 

All wars come from the comfort of the body. 

Spiritual Movie I Am Plato Quote

The False Promises of the World

David Hoffmeister, "I AM" movie workshop 
“In this movie we are given an example of one that seemed to succeed in the world’s view who reports back to us that [success] is not what you think it is, and now I can tell you that it does not bring what it promises; happiness, fulfillment and contentment. It is the biggest lie.”

This world was made as a defense against the light. As a place where God could enter not. All doings in the world are done to prove that we can find happiness without God, without knowing our true Self. We chose to believe we could make our own happiness in a world without Love and without God.  

It is impossible to seek worldly success without experiencing the illusion of failure because they are designed to keep you distracted from the only thing that brings true peace and joy—the present moment, the right mind or the clear true Mind of Christ.

This movie is a direct example of one who succeeded in the world’s view only to find that it did not satisfy. 

This movie shows the shift to the ‘I AM’ presence through the thought, ‘There must be a better way.’ When the world fails to bring the Peace we seek, we begin to question everything. This movie is a direct example of one who succeeded in the world’s view only to find that it did not satisfy. A sense of disillusionment arose. What was believed, "If only I had ____ or ____ then, I would be happy." is proven wrong. A process begins of questioning beliefs and withdrawing trust in the world’s views, goals and distractions. The pain of this disillusionment is the fertile ground for choosing a different perspective.

He turned away from his lifestyle, the Hollywood success story, and stopped making movies for the most part.

A modern day documentary made by a man who pursued success and achieved it only to find disillusionment and pain. Then he rose up to look for connectedness, answers, oneness and the desire to experience love. He turned away from his lifestyle, the Hollywood success story, and stopped making movies for the most part. He went through a deep healing.

We need modern day examples of those who have renounced the world and said essentially, "Stop! What about the value of love, compassion and connection? What is in your heart?"  We can be inspired by how he uses his skills as a filmmaker to share the message, ‘Remember what is important. Remember to follow your heart. Don’t let the conditioning of the world throw you off!’

Go Cold Turkey on the Ego

A Course in Miracles – Chapter 17 – V. The Healed Relationship:

“A sense of aimlessness will come to haunt you, and to remind you of all the ways you once sought for satisfaction and thought you found it. Forget not now the misery you really found, and do not breathe life into your failing ego.”  [T-17.V.8.] 

We went along with the programming and saw so many other people doing the same. We figured we might as well too. We listened to everybody around us; teachers, parents and friends. Now it’s time we stop and listen to the only teacher that knows where Happiness, Love and Peace are found; The Holy Spirit and The Christ Mind. The clear thoughts found in the present moment without any programming, projection or fear.

A New Way of Thinking. A Return to Innocence, The Present Moment.

Use your life to dive down, below the belief (the poison) to the deeper understanding of the truth, ‘Know thyself.’ This is the practical application for healing our perception of what we believe we need. Look deeply at what is desired. All fear based desires will bring fear, even if the form you want seems to be attained. We find what we are looking for or what we want to believe. Our desires are what we always get. 

It's about Choice and Focus. 

We are choosing continuously, even if we are not aware of it. Beyond the everyday questions of life on the surface, the mind is very active and making decisions continuously and unconsciously. We are deciding who we are and who we want to be. All our activities are built on who we believe we are. I want to be a body; I want to be an attractive body, a healthy body, a thin body…

We Want to Become Conscious of What We are Deciding for and Choose the Light Instead

The essence of human nature is Love, cooperation and democracy/decision. There is a sense of care, sharing and connection. That is what you find when you look open-eyed and honestly at the world without competition, scarcity, lack and limits. The entire cosmos is one big unified happy dance from the forgiven perspective given by the Holy Spirit. It is reflecting the love of Heaven.

So this movie is saying, ‘What do you want to see? Do you want evidence for scarcity, fear and competition? Wouldn’t you rather look upon a world of harmony where everything is in divine order?’

Explore the Connection Available in Mind with a New Purpose

Get out of your head and into your heart. Find out, "What is my core heart’s desire?" That is what we are asking for. What is at the core of our very being? Not just intellect vs. emotions but, rather, what is at the core of our Heart. 

You project the world you perceive. If you want only love, you will see nothing else. It's not a financial, interpersonal or human problem. It is a question of identity. ‘Who am I?’ The answer is the Christ which will lead us to a unified perception, the quantum field, purified awareness, unified awareness and holistic thinking and perceiving. This is the answer. Once you start to see how important this is, when you seem to wake up in the morning, you begin again the practice of your conscious devotion to forgiveness.

Is your purpose survival of the body? Rather than asking, "What do I have to do today to protect, to get or to achieve?" Ask for the Atonement and for true Healing. Ask to know Who you are. You are not responsible for the error. However, you are responsible for accepting the correction.

I am the goal the world is searching for.

I am the goal the world is searching for

A Return to God, to the Light: Focus is on Accepting the Correction

So, it’s always important to remember when you watch any of these movies, especially if you start to feel any sense of heaviness or guilt, to let it move up and move through but, also remember your focus is on accepting the correction. Jesus tells us in the Course, “The Holy Spirit needs a happy learner, in whom His mission can be happily accomplished.” [A Course In Miracles, T-14.II.1.] And as you open to happiness, then the happy lessons of forgiveness come very quickly. You move through in a very rapid way; it's more like you're carried through these dark thoughts and move more quickly to the light. 

It’s about coming to connection and connecting with your heart in the purest way. It’s about feeling gratitude and an overwhelming sense of oneness with everything and everyone. That's what this movie is about.


More About the Movie, "I AM"

A mountain bike accident with post-concussion syndrome turns out to be Tom Shadyac’s wake-up call. This highly skilled movie director and producer gets in touch with his calling and a feeling of responsibility. Who is part of the problem? Who is perceiving the problem? Who is responsible for accepting the correction? He takes his inspiration and film skills on the road, approaching scientists, intellectuals, and spiritual leaders. He engages in inspired discussions with them involving Forgiveness, Responsibility, Purpose, and the Solution.

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