Hector is a psychiatrist, who thinks he likes his life neatly organized, ritualistic and contained. That is until suppressed rage and anger begin to surface and he recognizes that he is an “unhealed healer.” He starts to realize the hypocrisy of being the expert when he himself is so uninspired about life.
In his search for happiness, Hector is led on an awakening adventure that involves self inquiry and discovering honesty and integrity, true giving, life, death, fear and love. His true gift was always there, but in the “professional role” of therapist, his ability to truly listen and be of service was blocked.
Our Purpose is higher than knowing that you can be happy, it is more like knowing that it is your calling and your inheritance. You must play your part in God’s Plan because who you are is the gift that you have been waiting to receive and wanting to share your whole life.
Filtering and holding back emotions and thoughts is a way of holding back from life and Love. Daring to dive in fully is the only way to embrace the fullness of the moment and all that you are.
Hector’s life becomes an expression of the purity of life that is pouring through him, unimpeded by fear and self-doubt. He truly allows the happiness that he is to shine through, blessing everyone around him. A delightful film that will crack your heart wide open and leave you smiling.

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Ana Urrejola


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