Season 1, Episode 1
All private thoughts are attack thoughts and need to be released for you to make it back to Heaven. The clinging to an individual self identity and believing in private minds blocks us from the awareness of true connection and Oneness.
The futuristic society in this episode has people known as Teeps who have evolved to the point where they are telepathic and can read other people’s minds. The society has just passed a law where they are going to allow the Teeps to work with the police agents to read civilian thoughts. The character known as the Hood Maker is a symbol of one who is very afraid of exposure so he makes hoods that blocks the Teeps from being able to read the thoughts of anyone who is wearing one.
This is primarily a holy relationship movie between Agent Ross and a Teep named Honor. They share an immediate connection and intimacy allowing them to free their minds no matter what thoughts or feelings have been expressed between them. This overlooking of error is really the heart of true forgiveness; to forgive your brother for what he has not done.
Somewhere we know that love is the answer in any seeming conflict in our lives. Let the love that is freely shared between Honor and Agent Ross fill you and inspire you to remain with an open heart no matter what temptations may arise on your journey back to God.
The version of this episode with commentary on MWGE has an alternate ending.

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