Season 1, Episode 10
Alternate Title: Seek Not to Change the World

Nobody is ever directly upset by people or events. It is only an interpretation that gives rise to upset. There is always an alternative interpretation available for everything the mind perceives. And that alternative is called the Holy Spirit. The spirit has only one interpretation for it all: God's Son is innocent. Once this is accepted, you could only respond to any person or event with love. It takes great learning to understand that nothing is ever happening to you; instead everything in this world is happening for you; for your choice to forgive. Nothing has ever gone wrong from this higher perspective. 

Our main character in this futuristic movie, Philbert, is questioning the meaning and purpose of his life. After hearing on television the political candidate saying, "We need to kill all others," he has an immediate reaction. He does what many of us do in our lives: he tries to find witnesses to support him in what he saw and in what this must mean. As "A Course in Miracles" would describe, he has sent forth "messengers of fear" and these messengers do not fail in bearing witness to his fearful state. Philbert's fear soon grows to paranoia. One by one, he suspects everyone as having evil motives until finally even his wife and other mighty companions are all seen as ones who cannot be trusted. The ego's purpose for separation and death have been accepted without question in the mind.

Each of us are being called to give up the belief that we have been victimized or that anyone in this world has been victimized. All is fair in love; all is fair in Heaven. Simply forgive and be happy!

The version of this episode with commentary on MWGE has an alternate ending.

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Ana Urrejola


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