To know ThySelf is to realize that there is no choice in this world. Purpose is the only choice. Who you are is discovered through following the calling within your heart, and choosing to follow this above all else, including who to live with or the type of life you might live. The only way to know ThySelf is to listen to the Spirit and to follow this calling with absolute conviction. The Spirit will send in all of the support needed, including mighty companions, holy relationships, backdrops for mind training and service, and opportunities to choose the miracle and forgive. Nothing can hold us back when we are going for truth without reservation. The Spirit is a decision, as is the ego. When one identifies is with a separate self, fear takes over and the mind reacts blindly in self-defense. When one identifies with the Spirit and there is an awareness of dreaming, fear becomes a positive affirmation for the truth. The mind is then asking for answers to come from a higher perspective and for awareness of possibilities beyond the laws of the ego’s world.
The ego’s attempt to bring order into chaos is a way of maintaining control over its world. To the ego, maintaining separation and division is safety. It will attack and defend this separation at any cost, including genocide.
In this movie, the population is divided into community factions; specific groups based on personality traits, virtues and skills. Tris is one of a small group of individuals called “Divergents.” They don’t fit into any one category. They are a threat to the ego’s system because they cannot be controlled.
The prayer of Four’s heart is tattooed on his back. It is to embody the characteristics of all of the factions. Tris literally drops into his awareness as a living demonstration of his heart’s desire. They are immediately joined in a relationship assignment with a higher purpose. This relationship involves intimacy of mind, mind training, and remembering the truth about each other. Their call for truth is strong, and so their journey is fast-paced. True empathy is absolutely essential and there is no time for getting lost in interpersonal drama, including loss of loved ones. Fears and other emotions arise to be seen through and released. The Spirit’s Guidance for them is very specific and can be a matter of life and death. Following with absolute attentiveness moment by moment is essential.
Mighty companions, including family members, all have a part to play in the script, and all are included in the purpose of forgiveness. We have no control over the outcome of the script in form, but the outcome of the goal beyond the script is assured.

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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