Chef's Table Grant Achatz Review 

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  Chef's Table Grant Achatz is a Netflix Episode  

       Grant Achatz's journey is compelling in the sense that it highlights what we face on the journey Home. It asks questions such as, 'What do you want?',  'When do you trust?',  'What is success?', and 'What is New?  It helped my own heart open and ask deeper questions.
        Grant's passion for cooking allowed him to go on a journey of discovery. He first paid his dues at a very open minded restaurant called 'The French Laundry'. He strengthened his own confidence first and then the idea that everybody really just wants an experience. He cultivated that experience by using magic and mystery. He played with your mind so that all expectations drop away. You were left with a sense of wonder. Being able to do that with food so that the "I know mind' shuts down is no easy task. He is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries so that he and his staff do not get comfortable. It is not about his customers having an experience but also about his experience. He needs to be expanding. So often that expansion though has to be about doing one's own thing and achieving success. In Grant Achatz's life this was a by-product but there are two scenes that highlight sharing as success. In one scene his creation was given credit to his Master. It came around full circle when he one of his employees came up with a good idea and gave it over to Him. They had greater joy in letting go of ownership.
       Facing cancer and the loss of his taste buds, Grant had to surrender to life many times both literally and figuratively. He shared his situation openly in the newspaper and a Chicago university offered to cure him. Once he lost his tastebuds he had to learn to trust in his fellow chefs. In fact, as one co workers said, "He became a chef when he lost his taste buds because he had to trust others to do the the work for him". 
       Filled with passion and intrigue, this episode will make you question where you are on the journey. Is it time to support? Is it time to break free from old rules? Do you need to let go of control or speak what is important to you? See what resonates for you.


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Grant Achatz (born June 25, 1970) is an American chef and restaurateur often recognized for his contributions to molecular gastronomy or progressive cuisine.  Redick sits down with michelin-starred chef grant achatz to discuss the philosophies behind progressive cuisine competition among chefs.  Reconciling the high price tag on fine dining.
Chef grant achatz reads made-up yelp review.
Chef Grant Achatz is one of the most awarded and recognized chefs in the world.
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Chef's Table Grant Achatz Review - Chef's Table: Grant Achatz - Review

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julie rose clark on 2020-04-25

Thank you Jason I so enjoyed watching this this morning! Very powerful and extremely inspiring, really made my day, love Julie Rose

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