Season 3, Episode 1 This episode is a great parable of undoing and letting go. Every interaction in it involves a rating of self or another that may go up or down. This ties in with the inner critic in our mind that is constantly evaluating everything: "That went well," or "That didn't go well."

Nosedive lays bare the motive of reciprocity and attempting to gain through being nice and approval seeking. It shows that these motives will never bring us happiness. As Jesus reminds us in ACIM, our tolerance for pain is not without limit.

The game of trying to make it in society is like a death spiral dressed up as if it is completely appropriate. Yet when you go for it there is never a happy ending; there is always a crash that shows you it wasn't what it seemed to be. It was fool's gold. It looked like it offered something but then you never quite get there. No attempt to get there will ever succeed or be enough. Every single interaction in this episode is like a test, a value of worth which builds intense pressure. It highlights beautifully the motives of getting and we are reminded that for a happy outcome there must be a motive of giving.

A helpful way to view this episode is to see that we are being given the most glorious opportunities for true forgiveness in the most subtle ways. Whatever the situation, whatever seems to be going on, the answer is always forgiveness which truly offers us everything we want!

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