One of the most beautiful spiritual movies I watched the other day was A Hidden Life. It touched me so deeply in its reminder of the Simple Life; to be so present with our emotions and love for each other, to not compromise on what we feel, and to not run from what has to be faced.

There are some decisions that must be made. It is just a matter of when we make them. Franz made his decision and followed his feeling. He could not step into war. He could not compromise.


I feel his responsibility is to honor his feelings. He was not to operate out of fear of consequences. The script is written. You cannot protect yourself from what must occur. And if you think you can, you are mistaken. 

The depth of the Light and Love that he and his wife felt for each other was palpable and sustained him through his decisions. It was a beautiful holy relationship to me.


The silence that the movie evoked held me tight all day like a heavy warm blanket saying everything is OK. Even in the midst of all hatred he faced, he would whisper beautiful lines like, 'When you give up the need for survival, a beautiful light reveals itself'.

I was inspired by the beautiful valleys, mountains and family harmony. I soon felt that a simple life was to not distract and to have the courage to stay with what is for me and to let go of what is not. Discernment is everything but comes only from taking full responsibility for everything. It is trust.

A Hidden Life       

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