What Is Really Important with Lisa Cairns

Let your “self” drop.

Allow yourself to drop into the depth of this talk and see that the unbounded Presence of Love is everything. David Hoffmeister and Lisa Cairns talk about the laughable ways the human mind tries to make “something” out of every occurrence in life and place meaning on it; it values certain experiences over others. And yet, you are present Love and that is the only real occurrence ever happening. Nothing more, and nothing less. Let your “self” drop. Love is in every moment; you can stop the search. You are It.

Golden Nugget:
“Your lover is what’s happening. And it’s even more intimate than that, because it’s not even ‘you’ as separate from what’s happening. Your lover is what’s happening. The mind though, always looks for Love in the next moment and the next thing. It gets stuck in this agonizing game of, 'Got it, lost it, got it, lost it.' Same with Awakening experiences. Often the Awakening process can produce a lot of bliss and mystical experiences, and then the mind does it with that as well. So then that becomes the new thing to lose, and that becomes the new lover—Awakening. Whenever the mind says, ‘Got it,’ someone might ask, ‘Got what?’ You think you can fall in love with mystical experiences; that the more of them you have, the more in love you are. But everything is the love affair. You can’t separate out one experience and say, ‘I had an epiphany! I am awake!’ and then separate that out as if it was some kind of event. People ask me all the time, ‘When did you awaken?’ It’s the most comical question, ‘When, on the timeline, did you awaken?’ You think a person awakens on the timeline? Persons don’t wake up. The assumption is that there are enlightened persons, enlightened beings, avatars, like Buddha or Jesus. But those are just concepts too, and they block the awareness of what is. It’s a Presence. The Presence was never on the timeline; and how could the timeline or any aspect of the timeline wake up to the Presence when the Presence just is? People don’t wake up.”


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