What Is a Holy Relationship?

Undefined, guided, and collaborative.

This is a powerful session on discovering the truth about holy relationship. The three most important aspects of What Is a Holy Relationship?: undefined, guided, and collaborative. A course in miracles  

Golden Nugget:
“So, you have to be clueless of the problems, clueless of the means, and clueless of the outcome. Until you meet the conditions of those three things, there will be misuse of the body and we know what comes from misuse of the body: guilt, fear, doubt, and shame. Without those three conditions being met, the mind must use the body in its plan until it recognizes Itself. But when it has accepted this is true, it is healed and lets the body go. It’s pointing us to a mystical union with Spirit. Why would you even need a body if you are Spirit? Obviously if the ego made the body, the Holy Spirit can use it while you believe you have it, but it’s not going to be your goal. Actually you start to realize the mind is healed and you let the body go.” 

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