What Happens After Death?

Let go of limited ideas around "life" and "death."

David shines light on our limited ideas around "life" and "death." Our belief in when we die reflects our deep belief that we are bodies "living" in a world of space and time. As we release these false concepts we can laugh at the idea of death and know ourselves as the eternal, living Christ. Other themes included: trust, guidance, reincarnation, and living in divine providence.

Golden Nugget:
“If this is a dream, then this is a dream of beginnings and endings, and we could say that it seems like birth is a beginning of some sorts, and death is an ending of some sorts, and there is a gap, a time frame which we call a human life that is wedged in between birth and death. There’s lots of experiences there. There’s lots of memories and many events and happenings.
When you work with A Course in Miracles Jesus reminds us of the need to work with our definitions. First of all our definition of life is biological. You believe that life has a beginning and it has an ending. You call that a human life. You use the word ‘life’ right after ‘human.’
Birth is actually not a beginning and death is not an ending. In fact what we call beginnings and endings are what we could call transition points but there is even a higher perspective beyond transition points. Jesus is telling us that we have a tiny mad idea that you believe in and a filter. In the Bible, it says you look through a darkened glass. And that darkened glass that Corinthians talk about is the ego filter; it’s like putting dark sunglasses on. Those sunglasses are the death. It’s not what we perceive in form. We think that plants are born; trees are born, trees die; squirrels are born, squirrels die; humans are born, humans die. We have defined death on the timeline as an event. And then we ask Jesus the question: What happens after that event? And he tells us that he is going to help us with the sunglasses because everything that we are perceiving is distorted; absolutely everything. You have taken it to be the way things really are.
So when we ask the question, ‘What happens after death?' On the horizontal plane we’re asking, 'What happens after the body dies?' Then when we go back into our minds and we start to realize that the ego is the death wish; it is the death. 'What happens after death? What is beyond death?' Eternal life! And that eternal life is always ours. We can’t die because we were created by God as eternal. The ego’s trick is to try to convince us that we are flesh, bodies, time creatures bound between birth and death.
The death is the belief that you have a location. God created you as an eternal being, and you think you are going? I don’t think so. 'I have time/space coordinates,'' you’re telling God Who is the Creator of all eternal. So that is what the death wish is: 'The belief that you can be limited in any way.' And the end of death, of course, is resurrection. Nothing happens. If death is an unreal idea how can we think there can be a real change associated with something that God did not even create? When we resurrect; when we see that we’re whole mind, that we’re eternal, that we’re universal, then the lie is over. It never really was over, but it’s just not in awareness anymore. Christ has no awareness of death.”



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