What Am I Really Afraid Of?

You are absolutely terrified of Love.

A Course in Miracles teaches: “You have but two emotions, love and fear.” T-13.V.1:1 Ultimately, "What Am I Really Afraid Of?" the only thing we are afraid of is Love. The ego would have you believe that there are other, specific things in the world to fear, because it wants to protect itself from being exposed to the light of truth. The things it wants you to fear are actually just distractions to keep you from the awareness of your desire for God. Under the Spirit’s guidance, miracles occur absolutely involuntarily; every person, every place, and every situation will be used for the healing of your mind.

Golden Nugget:
“I asked Jesus at one point, ‘What am I actually afraid of when I experience fear?’ And he said, ‘Love. You are absolutely terrified of Love.’ And I remember saying, ‘I don’t really get that at all. I love Love. I’m a lover. I love to love. I have dedicated my life to Love. I don’t get that my fear is of Love! I don’t get that I’m afraid of it!’ He said, ‘Well, the ego is the denial of Love. It is a death wish. It is the denial that there is even such a thing as Love.’

So, when you are identified with the ego, you will feel its emotions. And definitely, its emotions are fear. So, if you are identified with this thing, this belief, and you think that it is you, then what is beyond or above the ego, or transcends the ego, is the Love. You are terrified of the Love, because you are identified with the ego. You are feeling its emotions. But it just projects the fear out on to scenarios, situations. It will project it, because it does not want you to see what you are really afraid of. It wants you to stay tricked in believing that you are afraid of something else, thereby protecting itself from exposure. Because, I mean, if you experienced the ego as purely, just straight fear and nothing else, you would drop it like a hot potato, but it is so clever that it disguises itself in many ways so that you will not drop it like a hot potato. Then it would be out of business—forever!”

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