We Want Your Heart, All of It!

Stillness is Calling from Your Heart. It is all too easy to feel caught up by the world.

Golden Nugget

"This path of the heart is guiding you into desiring the holy instant and being willing to let go of everything that you believe about time; absolutely everything! And that will take care of everything. It would not matter if you seemed to even have things in the world that were still open-ended things or things that needed to be closed, loops or patterns that you had had, or debts, and so on and so forth. If you totally surrendered over to the holy instant that would clean and clear everything of time just through the surrender to that instant. And when you have been a creature of time, you have been addicted to believing you were a person on a timeline. You can only think in terms of steps, everything is steps, steps, steps, because that is very practical in time; take the steps, take the steps.

But when you start to go toward the heart of mysticism you realize it is not going to really even be about the steps. No, it is about a surrender over to the holy instant. Because Jesus taught us, 'this world was over long ago' (T-28.I.1.6and 'only an instant does this world endure' W-300. He says that everything seems to be this long drawn out process of many, many steps on the timeline, that everyone is so accustomed to and familiar with. That is not it either. There has to come an instant where you just yield into the purpose; you have that surrender where you say, 'okay I have been absolutely wrong about everything that I believe, all my opinions, all my so-called knowings were just like leaves blowing in the wind and they did not amount to anything. They never add up.' You can never win in this game of time. And it is not like there is a real loss. It is more like a surrender of what could never be in the first place. You cannot really lose something real because it never had a reality. You are simply letting go of unreality; seeming to. Or a better way of saying it is that you are merging with what is. If you just see it that way, you are giving yourself fully over to the holy instant."


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