Unwind Your Mind—Unlearning the World, Part 2

‘God knows not form.’

Trying to solve the only problem, the belief in separation and a world apart from the Kingdom of Heaven, cannot be solved with any means this world offers. "Unwind Your Mind—Unlearning the World Part 2" When you free your mind from thinking that you know how to fix your only problem and turn your mind in the direction of Spirit, you open to miracles and your life can take on a miraculous quality.

To the extent that you open yourself to forgiveness and collaboration with Spirit and practice forgiving all illusions, will the specific problems and questions fade and fade from the mind until they ultimately evaporate.

Golden Nugget:
“As you go into this path, you start to feel more and more that the collaboration is really with the Holy Spirit; that when you give yourself over to the Spirit to be used, you are going to have a loosening from all attachments to form. I think of the ‘Beyond All Idols’ section (T.30.III) of A course in miracles. There is a line in there, ‘God knows not form.’ And metaphysically, if God doesn’t know form, and I want to know God, you can see where this is going…

‘God knows not form’—if I am going to give myself over to God, and go for complete alignment with God, I am going to move back towards abstraction. Love, light, the Kingdom of Heaven, and God, they are all purely abstract. There is nothing on Earth that is even a hint of abstraction. Everything is very specific and concrete as part of linear perception.

And then, when you get into this unified perception, it feels much more expansive. You are not looking at form the same way.
There is another great line in the ‘Beyond All Idols’ section. Jesus says, ‘Your will is universal’ and it cannot be content with form of any kind. Wow! He is talking about the Will of God, he is talking about Christ-Will and the Will of God.

Then there is another line that I like from that section: ‘When you decide upon the form of what you want, you lose the understanding of its purpose.’ Like an eclipse; the only important thing is Love, but you get all mesmerized by the form, and it’s like an eclipse where the form comes before the content. And this book has a lot to do with form and content! You will see the topic come up again and again and again. Love is content and form is the distraction away from that content.”

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