Unwind Your Mind—Transfer of Training, Part 1

Make no exceptions to the miracle!

Make no exceptions to the miracle! The motivation for a full transfer of training, "Unwind Your Mind—Transfer of Training Part 1"  or transferring the lesson of forgiveness to every aspect of this world, this dream, is living a life free of the fear of consequences of any kind. Waking up to greet the new day full of miracles is a new way to live. Live the inspired life of joy!

Golden Nugget:
“You start to see that there is no meaning to be found in anything that the ego made up. You start to actually have a joyful feeling underneath Lesson 128, ‘The world I see holds nothing that I want.’ To the ego that is a very sacrificial Workbook Lesson, but you can actually get underneath it experientially, and you feel the vibrancy of how it would be to live your life in this state without expectations, and really fully living in the moment; just fully taking in whatever the moment has to offer, welcoming anything that comes and blessing anything that goes. You’re just grateful for it to be so obvious, so there is no need for any kind of figuring out. It’s just very, very obvious. A course in miracles  

That is the simplification we are talking about. That is the simplification of miracles. They actually simplify your life, so you don’t feel like you personally are making any decisions about anything. It is the height of Guidance, of staying in the flow of Guidance. So that everything is given obviously. And it really comes down to living in an involuntary way. You see that miracles are involuntary. There is no aspect of trying to make something happen or avoid something. There is no sense of trying to push something. There is no sense of trying to speed something up. You know, there is just absolute acceptance, total acceptance. Like when Jesus says, ‘patience is natural to those who trust. Sure of the ultimate interpretation of all things in time, no outcome already seen or yet to come can cause them fear.’ M-4.VIII“

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