Unwind Your Mind—Laying the Foundation

There is a choice for Spirit, and there is a choice for ego.

Go into the themes of decision making, the impossibility of mistakes in form, and the involuntary nature of miracles in this Unwind Your Mind Back to God book launch gathering. Unwind Your Mind—Laying the Foundation

Golden Nugget:
“The choices and decisions that you make are really decisions of purpose. They seem to be decisions of, 'do this, do that,' and decisions of behaviors and actions; about divorcing, marrying somebody, who to date, what job to take, to stay or leave; whether in a job or relationship. Those seem to be major decisions on planet earth, and they are not. They are just projections of purpose.
There is a choice for Heaven, and there is a choice for hell. There is a choice for Spirit, and there is a choice for ego. There is a choice we could call a wrong-minded decision, and there is a right-minded decision. So, you see, this is where the mind training is coming in. This is where the unwinding is coming in; unwinding from the idea of personal choices and personal consequences to, 'I have a choice in the way that I look at the world.' Who am I looking with? Am I looking with the Holy Spirit, or am I looking with the ego? There is a major difference between those choices—to look with the Holy Spirit, or to look with the ego. That split in the mind is projected out to form, and then it is projected to persons. It is projected to the dream figures as if they have got really weighty decisions to make.

From the larger perspective, the script is written, and those choices that seem to be so crucial, and so important in form, are not what they seem to be at all. They are projections of a choice in purpose, which the mind does not want to face. It is too afraid of even going back to that decision point between love and fear. And it would rather be mitigated in time and space, in little, teeny, meaningless choices that really don’t have any consequence at all. David Hoffmeister
Just go towards this Awakening, towards unplugging—you know, that’s what they tell Neo in The Matrix, you need to be unplugged. And that is exactly what we are talking about, unplugging from this twisted belief that decisions in form are important.”

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