There Is No Loss in Awakening

Open your heart to the Spirit.

Our true reality is a Spiritual Kingdom, and in this Kingdom we are all One and nothing is missing. But when the ego made the world, the mind fell asleep and forgot this Oneness. In its place a world of separation was projected in which the idea of loss seems to make sense. Now must the Holy Spirit convince us that loss is impossible, and that as we awaken everyone gains. Open your heart to the Spirit, and you will be shown that no one can lose and everyone must gain by your decision to awaken.

“When the mind is asleep it’s unaware of the reality of Heaven. This is why the Holy Spirit has to convince the sleeping mind because when the mind is asleep it is very afraid and it has a great fear of loss; loss of the familiar. It’s just like when a loved one passes away in this world; that’s where the grief comes up. It’s this feeling like, I’ll never see them again. I’ll never touch them again. It’s a break away from the familiar. It seems like an ending.
When I first began working with students in the early 1990s, two of the women that were my students were married with children and that was part of their fears too. They would think, If I keep following this what will happen to my children? Also there was a fear of loss of spouse, of career, of house, and others things too. It could be even the fear of leaving a pet behind; a very beloved pet. When I was going to do some travels one time I said to one of my students, ‘Why don’t you come along on the trip and ask the Holy Spirit to help you with this issue?’ And as we traveled around every group that we visited, every household that we stayed in had children. Children would come running up to her and jump in her lap. She was being flooded with affection from children who weren’t her children. I asked her, ‘How does it feel?’ She said it felt good with all these children around. And I replied, ‘That is how the Holy Spirit works using symbols to show there is no loss or sacrifice.’ And it works across the board with everything in perception.
Emily mentioned that book, I Married a Mystic, from my years of traveling with Kirsten. She was from New Zealand so she was used to growing up on a beautiful island and always being surrounded with water. When she came over to America and began traveling all around there and South America with me, everywhere we went there was water: lakes, rivers, streams, pools, indoor pools. She just got so much water.
She also loved ice cream. The ice cream was coming at us from every angle. One time she was feeling very sad and very strange and so I took her to a Dairy Queen ice cream shop in the United States. We walked into the store and we were the only two. So I said to the young man behind the counter, ‘She has never had anything from Dairy Queen ever before in her life!’ He said, ‘Ohhh I’ll tell you what we’ve got!’ And he was so excited. He told her about all the Blizzards and ice creams. Kirsten ate the ice cream and she was happy. So the Holy Spirit works that way. He will send you things that are symbols of the love that is already inside of you.”


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