The Adventure of a Lifetime

I really did not care about the future at all.

David Hoffmeister shares about the key moment in his life where he surrendered fully to God, "The Adventure of a Lifetime " and how the 28 years since have been an adventure of a lifetime. 

Golden Nugget:
“Because we have gone so deeply and so radically into this, when you think of deep and radical you can look back at the life of Siddartha and Jesus and all the way through. I think of the lives of more contemporary mystics and saints—there was St. Francis, Mother Theresa, and on and on. It is this radical turning over of every decision in your life. For me it was like a deep experience of I give it all to you. I had this thought right after that happened, "Wow I don’t have a life of my own anymore." But it was quite wonderful because I actually lost all sense of ambition with that moment. I really did not care about the future at all. And then, just when I thought things would get really still, from that point the spirit has used this David character in many ways over many years. That was probably about 28 years ago when that moment happened, but as Jesus says in the ‘I Need Do Nothing’ (T-18.VII.1) section of the Course, you will be sent on many busy doings, and I just go around and around the world.”

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