Stop Trying to Resolve the Problem Where It Can Never Be Resolved

The split is in the mind.

Enjoy this rich talk that will help you gain an understanding of where the problem really lies: "Stop Trying to Resolve the Problem" in the mind and nowhere else. All of our guilt, fear, and rage is all in the mind, not out in the world. Accepting this is not only a time saver but your ticket to true freedom and peace of mind. Other topics include inspiring accounts of the lives of mystics such as Gandhi, William Whitson, and Living Miracles’ minister Frances Xu.

Golden Nugget:
“The more you get into the teachings of A course in miracles  and the deeper you go, you realize that the split is in the mind; that the split is between the right mind and the wrong mind. The Holy Spirit is in the right mind and the ego is in the wrong mind. The Holy Spirit is the correction and everything is all about accepting that correction in the mind and also exposing all that unconscious guilt and fear. The wrong mind is guilt and guilt is injustice.

I had a student years ago who said to me, ‘Some of the movies that you talk about are just violent, like The Matrix. It’s just so violent.’ And I replied, ‘What?! The Matrix isn’t violent at all. It’s the judgment in the mind that’s the violence.’ There is no violence in the world. It’s all a projection of a violent idea of separation from God, just being projected, and it’s the same when people go through struggles with vegetarianism and not wanting to kill anything. The killing is the belief in the mind. It’s the dreams that you dream in secret, the unconscious mind that Jung called the shadow; that’s where the murder is, and it’s just been covered over by a screen of images.
This projection of the error is to project this intolerable split of love and fear; to project it out onto the world so you’ll see the split where it isn’t. You’ll see the split in the form and then try to solve the equation through the form, while the ego is sitting back there laughing like a spider in the web going, ‘Ha, gotcha again!’ You’re still angry. You’re projecting anger. You’re projecting the rage. You’re projecting the guilt. You’re projecting the injustice. You’re projecting the unfairness of the guilt in the mind and trying to resolve it where it can never be resolved.”

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