Salvation Is No Compromise of Any Kind

Consider this: You are not guiltless in time, but in eternity.

Jesus teaches: “Yet consider this: You are not guiltless in time, but in eternity.” T-13.I.3:2 Time must be released to experience the innocence of Spirit. Guidance is the Holy Spirit’s use of judgment to free the mind of ego and time "Salvation Is No Compromise of Any Kind". David Hoffmeister answers a question from the audience about the meaning of “The script is written” (W-pI.158.4:3): "See that you can’t change the past. Bring your illusions to truth and face the unconscious mind so you can come into true forgiveness."

Golden Nugget:
“People sometimes say, ‘Can’t we bring the Course into our daily lives?’ Absolutely not! The whole teaching of A Course in Miracles is that you cannot bring the truth into the illusion; you must bring the illusions to the truth. All your self-concepts, thinking you’re male, female, you’re from this culture, from this country; your spiritual practice, how many years you have been doing it, how many hours a day you read the Course—all those things are concepts. And all we are asked to do in the Course is to bring the illusions to the truth. The guidance that comes will unwind us from this belief in linear time, but the principle of the Course is that you cannot bring the truth into the illusion.

I was really grateful for the lives of the mystics and saints, because those are reflections of where this is heading. Like anybody who has read about the lives of the mystics and the saints, they tell you about the ‘dark night of the soul.’ They prepare you: Be ready!

Four of the six stages of the ‘Development of Trust‘ are difficult. Four out of six! Jesus says, two thirds of the ones you are going to go through are hard and difficult. Isn’t it good to have it straight like that? Then we don’t have to complain when it happens, "Ah, here we go, this is one of those…" Isn’t it great that you have a teaching that is so uncompromising? ‘This course will be believed entirely or not at all.’ T-22.II.7:4 It is better to have that in your awareness than to try to block that from your awareness. If you get on the road to compromise you are on the road to hell, because compromise is hell, and as Jesus says, ‘Salvation is no compromise of any kind.’ T-23.III.3:1“

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