Relationships to Become Happy?

Change your mind and leave the world behind!

The spark for Awakening becomes a fire of inspiration when you commit yourself fully to your path. Relationships can be used for Awakening, and every relationship is a total commitment in the Holy Spirit's Vision. Pour your heart into Awakening with everything you've got! Have fun looking at the idea of compliments and criticisms, and learn how to know when a relationship has begun or ended. 

Golden Nugget:
“I am so fully engaged with what’s right on my plate right now, and I feel like I have to do that! Nowadays, there are amazing movies coming out. I call them my quantum relationship movies. They are not typical movies at all, but they have this effect of loosening the mind from its linear way of looking at things. They help you to start to see that different lifetimes, different avenues, different scenarios, different situations, different events, are all part of a distractive device. That’s what I felt when I got to that point in the Course where Jesus says that all of the roadways of this world lead to death and that men have died upon seeing this (from Chapter 31, IV. The Real Alternative).
I really feel like that spark for Awakening is something that's really important. There is a disillusionment that comes when you've tried and tried and tried, and you start to realize that Awakening isn't found in all of the attempts to make something in the world, establish something, or follow something out into the world. You start to feel that Awakening can't be found in some kind of specific pursuit in the world. Let's use the relationships. 
I went through a disillusionment point after ten years of university. When I got into the Course I just felt like it took me down, down, down, to a point of seeing that I had to come to the end of that road of trying to make a better self, or make the world a better place—the things which had motivated me for a number of years—before I was ready to really dive into the Workbook and go for that change of mind." 


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