Mysticism and Miracles

As you start to flow with the Spirit, your life will take on a fairytale-like quality.

Life can be full of mysticism and miracles, if you only let yourself be guided by the Spirit, step back, "Mysticism and Miracles" and receive every step when it is given. As you start to flow with the Spirit, your life will take on a fairytale-like quality.

Golden Nugget:
“A healed mind is relieved of the belief that it must plan.” W-pI.135.12:1 “If there are plans to make, you will be told of them.” W-pI.135.23:2
“We need to experience miracles, because who would give up past learning and whatever we have learned unless we have something that is safe, that is secure, that becomes increasingly certain? We need to be convinced with miracles. And that is exactly what A Course in Miracles is saying; you need a lot of convincing. It even says of the Workbook that you may not believe some of the ideas. 'Some of them you may actively resist. None of this will matter.' W-in.9:2-3 'Does not matter? My resistance and my saying, No, I don’t believe it, does not matter?' Just do it! And by doing it you will be shown that the ideas are true. So, it does take trust and faith. That is something we cannot skip over. That is the ingredient that all of us have inside of us, but we really have to activate it to do it.” Living Miracles Center

Living Miracles Center

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