Living by Guidance

Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you from constricting concepts into more expansive ones.

Marriage can be helpful if it is Spirit-given with a strong purpose for healing. It is not about clinging to a spiritual concept "Living by Guidance", but about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you from constricting concepts into more expansive ones for the undoing of the ego.

Golden Nugget:
“To me, A Course in Miracles was like an answer to a prayer because it guided me in a way that I could get in touch with my internal teacher. And then it took me a few years before I could hear Jesus speaking to me in conversational terms. I’m not talking about Jesus, the man or the historical figure, but the Presence of Christ started talking to me, 'Just trust me and go where I ask you to go, and let me speak through you, and you will be in the joy and you will feel the confidence. You will feel fearlessness. You won’t ever be afraid of anything in the world at all. You can just follow me and I will take care of everything. You don’t have to want for anything. While you still have a belief in needs and lack I will meet those needs.'

I picked up A course in miracles  in 1986. I used it to get in touch with my internal teacher and then I put the book aside. There is no need for a book when Divinity itself is leading you in a moment-by-moment way. I call that ‘living in the moment.’ It is just about being very trusting and letting things come. And I have to say that there haven’t been problems with following this guidance. The guidance is the answer to absolutely everything. Just ask, listen, and follow, and then step back and watch the miracles happen!”

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