Is It Safe to Let Go?

It is OK to let go because you never had control in the first place.


This profound and uncompromising session centers on the awareness that everything is available now. There is no time to waste and no reason for delay. Learn of what it means to keep the Kingdom of Heaven as the only focus of your mind.

Golden Nugget:

"We are all playing by the same rule. It's called the Law of Love. We were all created in the same Love. We are all subject to the same Universal Law. And, if it's all thoughts, you can drop thoughts in your mind. There are no difficulties. You might say, Oh, it is a little hard with my children. But, the 'my' is the little 'I.' We are spiritual Children of a Loving God. But these little masks we wear on earth are not reality. The truth is One. But the personality-self is many; just reflecting separation and differences. Even on earth, it is funny that we have so many languages. We have to learn different languages to communicate. But this is not a problem for our hearts, because our hearts do not see differences. Love does not see differences. So, if you think something like family or worldly importance is holding you back, let's look at that." It is Safe to Let Go.


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