I Can't Be Addicted to Time, Can I?

“Time is your friend, if you leave it to the Holy Spirit to use.”

The sleeping mind is addicted to time. The ego uses time to keep you stuck, but the Holy Spirit works with this belief to take the mind out of time and into eternity. The joyride starts when you allow the Holy Spirit to use you. Heart-opening experiences come from following the steps that are given. The symbols of this world are neutral. The Holy Spirit uses them to convince you that there is a Presence with you, just loving you; a memory of your Self.
The Holy Spirit uses the concept of community for the purpose of practicing forgiveness. We are mesmerized by the ego’s world, and community can be used as a symbol of your willingness to face the intensity of this mesmerism. You need never be discouraged that this unwinding takes time, for “Time is your friend, if you leave it to the Holy Spirit to use,” (T-15.I.15:1) and we hold each other’s hands as we walk through the darkness to the light.

Golden Nugget:
“The fear of loss can take different forms for different people. This fear thinks, "If I give my heart and my mind and my life over, what will be taken away from me?" Generally, all of us have to face that. The ego made the world, and made it so cozy, as far as hostile places go. To make it as cozy as possible is to make it so you will not want to let it go. You get addicted to the substitution. It sounds very much like regular addictions to drugs and alcohol.
We are talking more metaphysically—becoming addicted to time and space, addicted to linear time, addicted to the mini-pleasures of comforts and conveniences. The ego thinks, 'Let’s just pile them on—you have lots of comforts, lots of conveniences, lots of pleasures. You have the good life. You built a big egg nest and a good retirement plan that you fortified with lots of special relationships of family and friends. You are Cinderella or the prince—it’s a whole formula.' Then, amazingly, some people really play out the formula!”


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