I AM What I Extend

Can true beauty really be found here?

"I AM What I Extend". Profound yet simple metaphysics. In Heaven this is all there is, but on earth we seem to have the choice to extend love or project fear. When we are clear that these are the only choices available to us, it becomes important for us to be aware of whether we are extending love or projecting fear, because what we project we actually keep in our awareness. In this talk, clarity is also given around topics such as the difference between the unholy instant and the holy instant, the ego, and forgiveness, as well as taking a deeper look at this world; can true beauty really be found here?

Golden Nugget:
“I thought I would go over some real basic, simple metaphysics. Because to me the truth is so, so simple that it is only the complexities of the ego that are confounding and make it difficult. But truth is so, so very simple. What came to me today is that there is only one law in the Kingdom of Heaven and that is the law of love. If you put that in a sentence form you could say, ‘What you extend, you are.’ That is how Creation works. God is Love. Love extends. What you extend, you are. If you extend love, you are love. That is the only law. It is nice to know there is only one law in the Kingdom because that helps us orient in our mind to come back to that. That is as simple as it gets; what you extend, you are. That is just a state of Beingness. There is no sense of possessing anything, controlling anything, figuring anything out, no problem solving involved in that, just relaxing. Ahhh! What I extend is what I am. It is like Popeye, ‘I am what I am and that’s all I am.’ Just imagine a Popeye song going on forever, (David sings), ‘I am that I am, that’s all that I am.’ It is a very happy rhythm. It is beyond the words but very, very happy, and joyful.
And then that law of the Kingdom gets translated to: 'What I extend or project I make real for myself.' In Heaven, there is only extension. It is just ever-extending. But because there is projection, what I extend or project, I make real. So you can see it is important to take note of whether you are extending love in this world or whether you are projecting.”


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