Inner Listening-How to Really Listen

Loosen from your self-concepts and open up to an experience of inner listening.

"Who am I in service to? The ego or Spirit?" When you are in service to the Spirit, you begin to loosen from your self-concepts and open up to an experience of inner listening. Free of future fears and past regrets, you can receive the eternal happiness of the Present moment! David inspires us to take the leap, be committed to Love, and place the future in the hands of God! Inner Listening.

Golden Nugget:
“When people pray for things, it really means they just don’t want to be forgotten! That’s really what this is all about. This is why there is such fear and resistance to the Holy Spirit. The ego doesn’t want to be forgotten and that is precisely what is required. You have to forget the ego, because it’s a false memory; like a memory of pain, of hurt, of separation, of guilt, of shame. It’s a death wish that is being held in memory. It’s almost like having a virus on a computer. You could try to keep using that computer and make the best of it. It would get slow and sluggish; it would get heavy; it may flicker, it may become more unstable and more inconsistent the more you let it go. But what you would be told if you went to an expert, is that you need to remove the virus from the hard drive.
The hard drive is just a symbol of memory. That’s what a computer is; it’s always accessing memory. But you actually have to forget the ego. You don’t try to destroy it or kill it. But you have to forget the ego to remember God. The two memories don’t go together. The ego memory is recalling that fall from grace, recalling that descent into hell, recalling that error. Constantly recalling that with the power of your mind is blocking the remembrance of God’s Love. And Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that memory was the ego’s skill you made up, but now the Holy Spirit can use it. The Holy Spirit would use memory only for one thing: to remember the Holy instant; remember the I-Am Presence before time was; remember the innocence; remember the Love; remember God. That is how we remember God; we actually forget the ego. We are cleansed and washed off that memory of the unholy instant, so that the holy instant can have a total eclipse over the unholy instant. It is really all about memory!”




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