How to Master Forgiveness

Sin is an error to be corrected and the correction comes from the Holy Spirit.

The process of forgiveness A course in miracles teaches is a skill that is strengthened with practice, "How to Master Forgiveness" just like riding a bike or baking! There is a certain amount of training required and that is what time is for. Time is simultaneous instead of linear. Sin is an error to be corrected and the correction comes from the Holy Spirit. As we allow Spirit to lead the way without any exception in our lives, we start to experience a forgiven world.

Golden Nugget:
“Even if you want to learn how to ride a bicycle or a motorcycle or bake or do anything in this world, there is a certain amount of discipline you have to go through; a learning discipline before you master the skills. And it is the same with your mind. To master forgiveness, you have to go through a discipline of training your mind with the Holy Spirit’s help, Jesus’ help.
And the deeper you go, it is very humbling. I actually got to a point where I went so far in my mind that I realized there were no political solutions. There were no solutions in form; that a shift in my mind was absolutely required. There was no getting around it. Once I came to that realization, I put all of my effort into making that shift. And that is where the peace of mind came in.”

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