How to Become 100% Intuitive

Forgiveness takes you beyond all beliefs of the world.

The real responsibility you have in this world is peace of mind. "How to Become 100% Intuitive" When your attention is focused on spiritual Awakening and the Kingdom of God instead of on survival, the ego’s rules of responsibility in the world no longer apply. Forgiveness takes you beyond all beliefs of the world. You can learn how to follow intuition completely and become entirely dependent on it.

Golden Nugget:
“The ultimate teaching of A course in miracles is that you have to become dependent on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and instruction as little children are dependent on their parents for survival. This means that you have to let go of all pride and arrogance; also, all sense of education, thinking you know something, thinking you can ‘run the ship,’ thinking you can ‘drive the car.’ We have to become little children, we have to become that dependent on Holy Spirit. Isn’t it interesting? After all this trying to overcome dependence with independence, now we’re being told to become dependent, not on a person or on the flesh, but on our intuition. We have to swing back to dependence; not on persons, or flesh, or the rules of the world, or on society, or the government, but on our intuition. We need to become 100% intuitive. The only thing is, we have to let go of the past to do this.”

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