Holy Spirit Decide for God for Me

Start Deciding with the Holy Spirit

Our only way out of this nightmare of our own making is to start deciding with the Holy Spirit. His view is from beyond space and time, so a very powerful prayer becomes: "Holy Spirit decide for God for me." Jesus’ sole purpose of A Course in Miracles is to help put us in touch with this internal Guide so that we are no longer deceived by who is guiding us from moment to moment. David uses a variety of examples and metaphors to make the point that everything is digital and everything is consciousness, even though the ego uses substitutions and compromises to maintain guilt. We need to focus on accepting the Solution and not attempt to fix external “problems.”

Golden Nugget:
“'Why do we like consciousness teachers?' Even better, 'why do we like non-dual consciousness teachers?' Because there are a great majority of dualistic teachers and we’ve already seen that in religion; 'Heaven and hell, the good ones and the bad ones. Do this and you’ll get to Heaven and do that and you’ll go to hell.'

We don’t need any more dualism here. We’re going nowhere fast if we try to follow dualistic teachings. But when we get a good non-dual teacher, Jesus is basically saying that you would do well to follow a peaceful teacher. To me, that is what I like about the Course because Jesus is a transcendent non-dual teacher. He has transcended duality completely. I don’t know about you, but that is someone I’d like to learn from. I would like to learn from the master: The way, The Truth and The Life, thank you very much. I’ve tried the other way. I think I’ll go with a little bit of The Way, The Truth and The Life now.

When we start to give ourselves over we may have people say, ‘Oh, don’t become a Jesus fanatic!’ I don’t know about you, but I want to become devoted to The Way, The Truth and The Life. I think I could learn a lot from The Way, The Truth and The Life. You can call me a fanatic if you want to, but I still want to be shown by a wayshower; someone who has transcended time and space. To me, that is just good common spiritual sense to follow One Who has transcended time and space.

And for many of us, that’s the feeling we get when we pick up A Course in Miracles. We go, 'Whoa! Whoever wrote this book is not in time and space.' We get a feeling that washes over us; like when Neo was with Morpheus he knew that he better pay attention. That is why when I first picked up the Course; I used to have all these books by my nightstand, and I loved reading all these books and philosophies; I put them all away. I even ceased reading the newspaper. I was so riveted with the Course because I thought, 'Oh my Gosh. It feels somehow like eternity is speaking to me and somehow that’s important.' When eternity calls, I want to answer the call. It is very important. And all of us have that calling somewhere deep inside of us.

So I really feel, the focus becomes more on decision-making capacity. And who am I making decisions with in this moment becomes a very important question. Who am I deciding with? 'Holy Spirit decide for God for me. Be my partner, be my companion, be my comforter.'
And we can no longer say that we can’t tell the difference between the ego and the Holy Spirit, because the entirety of A Course in Miracles is helping to make it exceedingly clear about the difference between these two purposes, these two voices in our mind. One is the still small voice that always loves us, that never commands, that never demands. It can be compelling, but it never will command or demand. It can’t be louder without violating our freedom of choice. There are many answers from the Holy Spirit that we have received but have not heard, because we were just too terrified to hear the Guidance. Sometimes we get those little nudges, but we’re too terrified of following the nudge. Not because we’re afraid of what will happen next but because we’re ultimately afraid of, 'Where this nudge is leading me and where will it take me? 'Where is the end? Where is this all going to end?' Yes, eternal life is where it will end, and the ego doesn’t like that.”

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