Hey, I'm Going to Be a Miracle Worker!

What I learned from Jesus was that you need miracles to make way for the holy instant, which is just pure light.

Our happiness is the greatest demonstration of God’s Love we can offer. "Hey, I'm Going to Be a Miracle Worker"The more we open ourselves up to our true Calling and are willing to offer miracles, we become the witnesses the world needs that there is a very different way of looking at everything. There is a way to live that has nothing to do with the traditional, structured way based on just “getting by” and surviving. Step into this new way with the instructions provided by Jesus in A Course in Miracles!

Golden Nugget:
“What I learned from Jesus was that you need miracles to make way for the holy instant, which is just pure light. Without the miracles, the light would seem more traumatic than beatific. In other words, it would be shocking. But with miracles, your mind just goes, 'Awww…' You want to come to the light finally and go, 'Awww…' You don’t want to go, 'Ahhh!!!' David Hoffmeister

Jesus says you won’t get ‘… hurled into reality.’ T-16.VI.8:1 Isn’t that good to know that we’re not going to be hurled back into oneness!? We are going to be gently taken in so that we can appreciate it and welcome it. That’s really beautiful. And also, it’s something that we keep praying for, but that light that we are talking about is actually Vision; Christ Vision. And it is not perceptual. The body’s eyes don’t really see and the body’s ears don’t really hear. They are part of the trick; all of the five senses are part of the trick, so that’s why we can’t rely on our five senses at all. That is why Jesus starts his first Workbook Lesson as, ‘Nothing I see means anything.’ W-1 He is taking us away from relying on the five senses and he is taking us toward, ‘I am determined to see.’ W-20 ‘Above all else I am determined to see things differently.’ W-21 ‘See’ does not mean see with the eyes, it means Christ Vision ‘see’—seeing in light.“ 

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