Guidance Brings Us into the Flow of Life

David Hoffmeister reminds us that everything is either Love or a call for Love.

When you are in alignment with the flow of life, the gentle stream of light that you are just shines through!
David Hoffmeister reminds us that everything is either Love or a call for Love. These are the only two states of mind the Holy Spirit sees. As we begin to open to true Vision it is very helpful to listen to and follow guidance from within. In Heaven, there is no such thing as guidance, but for the sleeping mind that still believes it is a body in a physical world, following guidance is absolutely necessary. You can rest assured that guidance never commands and never demands; it always has your best interest in mind: the safe and gentle return to Heaven.

Golden Nugget:
“When you don’t understand the difference between joy and pain, then you need help, you need guidance. You need to be unwound from a belief system that is very, very distorted, and the undoing is so practical. That is where guidance comes in, and many of us could say we have been through many eating styles, different partners, and different environments. These are just symbols; it’s just the Spirit using the preferences and beliefs, and unwinding you from the ego belief system. So, it’s very, very practical. There is no rush to it, no push to it. There is no should or should not. ‘The Voice of the Holy Spirit does not command, because It is incapable of arrogance. It does not demand, because It does not seek control.’ T.5.II.7:1 Isn’t that wonderful, to know a Presence is guiding you home to the Presence you are and it doesn’t command or demand?
It’s just like children who outgrow toys. They play with them for a while and then they leave them. But it’s not about trying to say the toy was right or wrong or playing with the toy was right and wrong. It’s simply about opening up to all that you truly are.”


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