Give up Your Plan B and Let Present Trust Direct the Way

Our real fear is present joining.

The more you give yourself over to the joy of the Spirit and trust, the more you see that your Plan Bs avail you nothing. The world’s mantra that we need to plan for the future and be prepared for all situations is not our real concern. Our real fear is present joining. As we give up our little plans and align our mind with the Spirit’s plan, we experience life as a joyful, spectacular unfolding.

Golden Nugget:
“When you give your life over and you say, ‘I give it all to you Jesus,’ it’s not like you’re doing anything for some kind of standard or ritual. But when you say, ‘I’ll give you my possessions; I give you my body; I give you my resources; I give you my mind; I give you my thoughts; be you in charge; you lead, I will follow,’ when you do that, you are saying, ‘I don’t want to live a life of compromise anymore. I don’t want to straddle the fence. If you show me, I want to jump in with both feet. I’m not going to just stay at the pool; a wading pool with my toes dangling in the water and then pulling them out. I’m going to jump in, and if you tell me to jump in I’m going to go in with both feet. I’m going to throw everything in.’
And what does that mean in a practical way? It means that the ego doesn’t want you to do that because it’s going to be out of business fast! If you do that it’s going to defend against this jumping in all the way with what it calls Plan B; not just one Plan B, lots of Plan Bs. You could say B,C,D,E…It wants you to have a lot of Plan Bs and maybe call them by other names. It wants you to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side, and you are never stuck, you can always go back. You can fall back on this, and you can fall back on that. If we admit it, that’s what our education has been in the world. Not only from our parents, but from our universities, our seminars, our workshops. Save for a rainy day. Never get caught in a situation or relationship where you have nothing, and you are left cold and lonely out in the rain. Always be prepared. When I was in the Boy Scouts that was our motto:’Be Prepared.’ Prepared for what? Future catastrophes!
And that’s what happens when we have Plan Bs: We are ignoring the present moment. We are ignoring this beautiful teaching in the Course: 'Let go of your past associations and let present trust direct the way.' Isn’t that beautiful? 'Let present trust direct the way.' We could just pour our hearts into that one; that would answer all these hypothetical problems and concerns so directly and immediately. Let present trust direct the way.”


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