Follow Your Bliss

You really can tune in and follow your bliss.

The path to Awakening doesn’t need to be a struggle. You really can tune in and follow your bliss. The Spirit will gladly use the things you love. Be willing to hand over all your skills and abilities to the One who knows (Holy Spirit) and see them used in a way that brings joy—not just to you, but to everyone!

Golden Nugget:
“My life became very quick when I could hear Jesus directing my daily life. 'Go here, call so and so, do this, you forgot your keys, turn left, no, your other left,' like in The Matrix… Very humorous, very playful. It’s very, very helpful to have a Guide like that who’s so clear and that I could hear so clearly.
That was kind of part of a speed-up, and yet you have to really be willing to know nothing about this world to consistently hear and follow that Voice. You have to really be clueless, like Mr. Magoo. You gotta really score high on the ‘Magoo-meter’ to tune into that Voice. So if any of you think you’re having ‘senior moments,’ good! You should celebrate every single ‘senior moment.’ Because the Spirit’s is just thinking, 'Very good, you’re clearing out really good here, you’re going to be able to follow really well!'“ Living Miracles Center

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