Finding a Life of Freedom

What you cannot control is the world, and everything associated with the world.

The Spirit’s purpose for this life is for Finding a Life of Freedom, to wake up from the dream of the world, not to attain and achieve. The ego‘s use of the body, of family and education, is for reinforcing a personal separate identity. But you are Spirit and must unlearn everything the ego has taught you. Your only responsibility is accepting the correction. It is not about dropping worldly responsibilities, but having them all handed to Spirit who would address them through a path of miracles. David says the Course can be summed up in the Serenity Prayer, recognizing what you can and cannot control and the wisdom to know the difference. What you can control is your state of mind. What you cannot control is the world, and everything associated with the world. Have gratitude and appreciation for everybody, because they are helping you to forgive. David Hoffmeister Videos

Golden Nugget:
“True wealth is peace of mind. And that is how you find freedom and escape this world; you become so peaceful that you can no longer be bound to this world. So the Spirit will have you invest in peace of mind. The ego always has you investing in future goals and so you have to open to a new idea of a present goal; and that is the power of now. The peace of the present moment. It goes against all of the ego’s teachings. The ego will call you names if you start to meditate and pray. It will say, ‘You are lazy, wasting your time, good for nothing.’ It will be very hard on your mind when you let go of this future goal. I started letting go of the future when I was in my twenties. For most of us when we are in our twenties we are planning for the future. And if you don’t, you are wasting your life. But it is all part of taking early retirement. Which is retiring from the stress of always striving for the future. And then when you do give up this pursuit of the future, the Spirit will give you everything that you need.”

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