Fear of Finding Your Calling

Declare your willingness to be used by Spirit, and let resistances and fears of loss arise.

When answering the call from Spirit, it always seems to bring up fear. Declare your willingness to be used by Spirit, and let resistances and fears of loss arise. On this path, you will always be reassured you do not need to be perfect before you begin to share and extend the message of perfection. Part of your need to extend the message is to allow this function to wash your mind of fear and doubt. All that you teach is ultimately for yourself!

Golden Nugget:
“In A Course in Miracles, Jesus says that 'God’s teachers are not perfect or they would not be here.’ M-in.5:5 And so they come to teach perfection over and over and over until they have learned it. So, you do not need to have an experience of perfection before you teach, and you do not need a complete sense of worthiness before you extend, just a willingness to be used by the Spirit. And you all have that! So, you don’t need to have a résumé for Spirit before you begin. You are hired! Once you start to realize that, you realize that you will have some ambivalence as you begin to do your function. And sometimes you will feel a little unstable but this is common. It is a time for prayer and faith. You are going into a new function and you have to be gentle with yourself because part of this function will be to allow the darkness within you to arise and to move through. Because to extend the miracle you cannot be in a state of fear. Once the fear moves through, you will have periods of relative calm and in this calm the miracle can come through you. But just remember miracles can never be performed in a state of fear. And when the fear is coming, it is only for release. Let it move through.”


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