Explosion of Miracles!

Join in the explosion of miracles!

Why would you delay in answering your Call? You are here to be a miracle worker and this must be fully accepted. You cannot partially accept this Calling. Take the leap of faith and dive fully into your function. When you are in the big “YES” to God, everything else will become simple and easy.

Golden Nugget:
“Instead of focusing on means in form, which oftentimes is where the questions start, let us open up to the idea that the miracle is the means. The miracle is the means. We cannot possibly experience the Love of God without going through a ‘miracle-working phase’ where you totally give yourself over to the miracle. You throw caution to the wind—big wind. Throw the caution to the wind and go for that without reservations; with no reservations, with no hesitations!
Oftentimes too, people will say things like, “I have responsibilities. I would love to just be a miracle worker but I’ve got responsibilities. Jesus, I’ve got duties; duties and responsibilities. I’ve got heavy duties that are weighing me down.” Well, let’s take a look at those ‘heavy duties’ and ‘responsibilities,’ because actually, the ego set this world up as a trap for the mind to keep the mind in guilt. And A Course in Miracles is teaching us that our sole responsibility as miracle worker and our sole responsibility as a teacher of God is to accept the Atonement for ourselves. Sole! S-O-L-E! Only! It means we have only one responsibility and I am not telling people to abdicate responsibilities, but I am asking, why don’t we turn our attention toward what we are being asked to do? And actually we are not only being asked, we are being instructed.
It is an amazing thing to be asked to do something and invited, but then when you get the instructions, maybe you have the same feeling I had when I first opened the Course book—I thought, 'I’ve got no excuses now.'
So, it seems to take a leap, just like with anything in this world; even when people are starting up a business, starting up a family, starting up anything in this world, it seems to take a leap of faith with that. And I would say it is the same with miracles. It’s going to take a leap of faith to jump-start this cataclysmic explosion in the mind of the miracle that just goes cascading and cascading.”

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