Did You Make a Bargain with the Devil?

Let Spirit lead you into Awakening.

Often you can feel the chaos in interpersonal relationships and you may be left wondering, "why do I feel angry in this situation?" The ego is afraid to go back to the chaos and see it for what it is! "Did You Make a Bargain with the Devil?" Let Spirit lead you into Awakening, leaving behind all ideas of control, loss of control, comparison, and judgment, leaving behind all thoughts of this world.

Golden Nugget:
“There have been some movies made before that talk about ‘making a bargain with the devil,’ and really that is what this whole world is about. Before you were even born into this world, or believe that you were born in this world, there was a bargain made with the devil. And not only was there a promise made, there was an agreement that you would never look back on this decision. You decided to forget the bargain and become so distracted in this world that you were unaware of the decision that you had made; unaware of the chaos of this decision. This is why there are layers of dreaming. The mind is too afraid to go back to the chaos, and so this is where the control comes in; trying to be in control of every aspect of the dream. The more control, the better to the ego. This is an attempt to minimize fear and minimize chaos without letting it go. It is a way of minimizing the chaos while keeping it. This is how tricky the ego is! And often the chaos is felt in family situations, sometimes in groups where there is an uncomfortable feeling, and especially in interpersonal relationships where the love can feel more deep and true, but anger, rage, and chaos come up as well. Living Miracles Center

Most murders in this world are not committed by strangers; it is more like someone in the relationship is not fulfilling a need or an expectation and when the chaos gets too intense, the ego starts sounding like the mafia, 'Get rid of them! Snuff them out. Just smother them!' Because the rage is unbearable. It starts out with the words, 'how dare you? Do you know who you are dealing with?' And it is frightening to the mind when the ‘murderer’ starts to come up.”

Hello dear viewer: "Did You Make a Bargain with the Devil" is discussed in full detail in this audio. If you play this audio, you will know more about "Did You Make a Bargain with the Devil" and your experience will increase after playing this audio. So please play the audio at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly. 

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