Cause and Effect

Sickness is a defense against the truth.

This great talk covers a range of topics, from the discomfort in expressing attraction thoughts, "Cause and Effect" to the perception of the symptom of diarrhea, and the healing of false cause-effect thinking. He uses several examples to illustrate the unreality of false cause-effect relationships, and the empowering idea that only the mind is causative and correction occurs at the level of thought.

Golden Nugget:
“Lesson 136 from A Course in Miracles, ‘Sickness is a defense against the truth,’ is really an invitation to choose again, because the miracle returns the mind to appropriate cause-effect relationship. It is humble to accept yourself as the Christ, because when you accept yourself as the Christ, you honor the Creator who created you as the Christ. But when you try to make yourself and make up a whole world of false cause-effect relationships, you are not honoring God; you are honoring the ego, the inventor of all these fictitious cause-effect relationships.

And so, as you go deep with your spiritual practice, you will have many opportunities throughout the day to choose the miracle and humbly come back into alignment with God instead of trying to maintain false cause-effect relationships. And as you go much deeper, the ego becomes very disoriented, because the ego knows that underneath its false invention there is nothing. You cannot really believe in this world when you see it with the Holy Spirit. So, when you go into meditation, into the stillness, into the emptiness, you are really freeing your mind of all false thoughts, and you are regaining the awareness of the power of the mind.”  Living Miracles Center 

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